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1 2019-224595 SSI SP-2018-0472C Water, Wastewater, Storm Sewer, and Street Work Infrastructure. Site Plan 44 East Active
2 2019-194414 ECC ri Environmental 44 East Closed
3 2019-192937 EV SP-2018-0472C Site Plan 44 East Active
4 2019-159225 FSP Erosion Controls - Internal Escrow 1 - Erosion Controls - Internal Active
5 2018-196445 LM 2018-196445 LM Benches, bike racks, trash receptacles, irrigation system, trees, tree wells, tree paver grates, shrubs, landscape, irrigation system, stone pavers, permeable concrete pavers, standard sidewalks, concrete micro-pier sidewalk support structures, steel bollards, and granite gravel License Agreement LA- 1124-1811 40 East Avenue; 44 East In Review
6 2018-175682 SP SP-2018-0472C The applicant is proposing a residential building with associated improvements. Site Plan Administrative Consolidated 44 East Approved and Released