2019-197014 PR
2019-197014 PR
total demo of 16900 sq ft office circa 1983
C- 649 Demolition All Other Bldgs Com
Oct 4, 2019
Oct 4, 2019
Oct 5, 2020

Contributing (Y/N)
Current Location Local Hist. District
Current Location NRHD
HLC Hearing Date
Has Smart Housing Been Approved? No
Is there Auxiliary Water? No
Smart Housing ID#
Smart Housing Waiver Percent
Total New/Remodel Building Area > 5,000 Sq Ft? No
Usage Category 649
Code Type International Residential Code
Current Use office
Is this only an accessory building? No
Number of Floors 3
Number of Units 6
Number of currently occupied residential units 0
Property w/in 100 feet of 100 yr floodplain? No
Was Property Inhabited in the Last 12 Months No
AW Industrial Waste Review? No
Health Department Review? No
Historic Preservation Review? No
Is there a protected size tree on this or adjacent lot? No
Current Zoning for Building CBD
Total Valuation New 75000
Mechanical Valuation Remodel 75000
New/Addition Garage detached
Description of Work 1 total demo of 16900 sq ft office circa 1983
Number of Floors 1 3
Number of Permits 1 1
Number of Units 1 6
Sq.Ft. for permit Type 01 16090
Building Inspection Yes
Environmental Inspection No
Landscaping Inspection No
On Site Sewage Facility Inspection No
Sewer Tap Inspection Yes
Tree Inspection No
Water Tap Inspection Yes
Historical Landmark Review? No
Amnesty CO
Approved Site Plan Expiration Date 09/27/2022
Approved Site Plan Number SP-2018-0472C
Is Site Plan or Site Plan Exemption req? Yes
Site Plan Determination Approved By
Site Plan Determination/Exemption Approved Date
Site Plan Determination/Exemption Number
Requires Use of City Right-of-Way? No
Tree Ordinance Review App Approved Date
Tree Ordinance Review App Approved by
Tree Ordinance Review App Approved? No
Use of City Right-of-Way Approved By
Use of City Right-of-Way Approved Date
Reason for Request n/a
Type of Variance
Variance Required

44 EAST AVE AUSTIN TX 78701 Address

Applicant (Clayton Russell)
1325 Frio City RD San Antonio TX 78226
(210) 275-2020

Demolition/Relocation Processing Fee $75.00 $0.00
Technology Surcharge-DSD $3.00 $0.00

Historic Review Approved Oct 4, 2019 Oct 11, 2019 Oct 4, 2019 Steve Sadowsky (512-974-6454) 1
Historic Refund Open 0
Plan Review Administration Open 0
Historic Intake Closed Oct 4, 2019 Oct 11, 2019 Oct 4, 2019 Historic Review 1

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